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About Us


About us

LorvenBiologics Pvt Ltd is a biotechnology company. LorvenBiologics Pvt Ltd is dedicated to give a global right to healthcare by addressing the global need for affordable, safe and efficacious, bio-therapeutics, nutritional and pharmaproducts. We are connecting modern biotechnology and synthetic biology with chemistry through affordable innovation thus to enhance the access to new product and process development for Bio-therapeutic products thus to reach the unmet need of global chronic healthcare demands.

LorvenBiologics is a pioneer in bringing the novel technologies/products with interlinking of Biotechnology and chemistry for the benefit of affordable and efficacious peptide therapeutics, vaccines andbiosimilars as well as nutritional products. Our prime focus is in development of platform technologies through innovation thus to provide the affordable and accessible healthcare for lifestyle diseases and infectious diseases to the people are at India and other countries.

As aknowledge rich organization focused on providing accessible and affordable healthcare. We have experience in crafting novel scientific ideas for the development of healthcare and therapeutic products with global impact under affordable and reliable ecosystem. With the linkage of our core strength in modern Biotechnology and synthetic biology with chemistry, we promise to delivera rich portfolio of complex biologics (CRM197, Liraglutide, Semaglutide and Etanercept), small molecule APIs & formulations and other pharmaceutical drugs.

Whom we are

We are a group of Scientists with state of the art technologies and highly trained technical team to implement as well as expertise marketing specialists in service for providing perceptive and resourceful solutions in healthcare.

What we offer

  • Lorven Biologics Pvt Ltd is dedicated towards delivering healthcare technologies/products that help in better management of lifestyle and infectious diseases.
  • Lorven therapeutic products include CRM-197, Liraglutide, Semaglutide, Teduglutide, Teriparatide,Etanercept, Estradiol, CoagulationFactorX, Moroctocogalfa, Somatropin and other platform technologies of peptide bio-similars.
  • Lorven also holding the promising products/technologies in generic pharmaceutical API development.
  • These products have been developed through intensive research with modern Biotechnology and synthetic chemistry approaches.
  • Our healthcare nutritional products include Low GI Rice, High Iron Rice, Low Phytate Maize, and Low Phytate Sorghum that promise better bioavailability of nutrients thus alleviate the malnutrition problem at bottom of the pyramid.

Organization Information

  • LorvenBiologics was started in the Year 2015 by the Founder Director, Dr. Venkataramana. M with the vision to develop affordable healthcare technologies/products through innovation. Currently company is involved in multi-sectorial research activities with common focus on affordable healthcare.
  • LorvenBiologics successfully completed the prototype development and sameness characterization of their therapeutic-Biosimilar molecules include CRM197, Liraglutide, Teriparatide and Teduglutide and looking forward to the scaling up opportunities.
  • Also other platform technologies including Semaglutide, Etanercept, Coagulation FactorX, Moroctocogalfa, and Somatropin are under pipeline.
  • LorvenBiologics got the Research grant funding from BIRAC-BIG for their innovative idea for the “Development of low-cost specifies specific snake venom detection kit for management of Indian snakebites”.
  • In healthcare nutrition segment our first research driven product High dietary fibre and High RS rice for effective management of Diabetes with the brand name of “Rce Desire” a certified High fibre polished rice for diabetic friendly nutrition is ready to launch by 2017.
  • Our healthcare nutritional products include Low GI Rice, High Iron Rice, Low Phytate Maize, and Low Phytate Sorghum that promise better bioavailability of nutrients thus alleviate the malnutrition problem at bottom of the pyramid.
  • Mission

    LorvenBiologics mission to lookup the problems in healthcare scare sector at diverse eco-systems and to provide the clear solutions in affordable manner through innovation and to gain the stakeholders trust at differ levels of ecosystem. To become the global leader in creation of intellectual asset through our research and development.

  • Vision

    Vision is to develop affordable healthcare technologies/products through innovation and to become the global leader in technology/product development that promote better health and livelihood to create a sustainable eco-system for better life across the globe.

  • Values

    Integrity, Achievement, Egalitarianism, Gratitude, Serenity, Contentment, Teamwork, Tractability, Innovation or Novelty.