Value added feed suppliment

Many developing countries have witnessed the rapid growth of aquaculture and it will continue to grow in upcoming decade.Predominantly this growth can be witnessed in countries of Asia and Africa who possess small scale production. So, feed and fertilizers play crucial role in development of aquaculture.

LORVEN BIOLOGICS- we are experts in aquaculture with deep awareness in nutrient necessities of fish and their supply under practical farming conditions. Though the data on nutrient necessities are only available for a limited number of species our R&D team has conducted many investigations to provide the proper conclusion in delivering the value added feed supplements to increase the production and quality.

We have shown full commitment to reduce the fish to fish feed by delivering the natural alternative feed which in return increasing/maintaining the health of the fish during growth and the health benefits of the finished product.

“LORVEN BIOLOGICS- Marine experts in delivering value added feed supplement”