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IgY-Herbal formulation for Mastitis mitigation in milking cows


  • Mastitis, an inflammatory reaction (swelling, heat, redness, pain) of mammary gland leading to decreased milk production, milk quality, cow health and high treatment cost.
  • Specialized Chicken egg yolk antibodies (IgY) was generated for mastitis therapy and formulated using proprietary herbal adjuvant based technology.
  • Our technology on antibiotic free IgY proprietary formulation against mastitis would benefit many dairy industries and dairy communities to increase their productivity.

Salient features of anti mastitis IgY from Lorven Biologics

  • Antibiotic free therapeutic formulations
  • High efficient and no side effects
  • Fights against other infections including viral and bacterial
  • Cost effective and easy to use

Product Quality

  • 100% antibiotic and chemical free
  • Antibody/ Protein rich formulation


  • Atoxic
  • Does not bind to mammalian rheumatoid factors or other naturally occurring anti mammalian antibodies.
  • Safe on intramammary infusion.
  • No side effects