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Grow Star

  • The use of sub therapeutic doses of antibiotics in poultry and livestock through feed and water to promote growth and improve feed efficiency was eliminated as a result of new FDA Veterinary Feed Directive. This practice has been banned in Europe since 2006. But the World Organization for Animal Health, say that "Without antibiotics there would be supply problems of animal protein for the human population".

  • Antibiotics are substances that can destroy bacteria. They are widely used for the prevention, control and treatment of diseases and infections. While our understanding of how antibiotics work has expanded in recent decades, antibiotics are not new. Centuries ago, ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Central American Indians used molds to treat infected wounds, though they did not understand how or why these molds were effective. Like the rest of the animal kingdom, species of bacteria have many different characteristics that vary widely. Some antibiotics can be extremely effective against certain bacteria but may not work to treat other bacteria. That’s why it is important to treat problem bacteria with the correct antibiotic.

  • when an antibiotic is administered, it impacts the entire population of bacteria in the body. When some bacteria that are susceptible to the antibiotic are destroyed, other bacteria may thrive because there is less competition and they begin to multiply. Sometimes, these remaining bacteria are resistant to one or more antibiotics and a larger problem can develop. Resistance develops in bacteria when they are challenged, but not destroyed, as they might be with the wrong antibiotic, with too low a dose or too short a course of treatment.

  • Increasing concern due to the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria has led researchers to look for alternatives to using antibiotics in Poultry &livestock.

  • Probiotics, cultures of a single bacteria strain or mixture of different strains, are being studied in Poultry & livestock as a production enhancer.

  • Prebiotics are non-digestible carbohydrates. The carbohydrates are mainly made up of oligosaccharides which are short chains of monosaccharides. The two most commonly studied prebiotics are fructooligosaccharides (FOS) and mannanoligosaccharides (MOS). FOS has been studied for use in chicken feed. MOS works as a competitive binding site, as bacteria bind to it rather than the intestine and are carried out.

  • Bacteriophages are able to infect most bacteria and are easily found in most environments colonized by bacteria, and have been studied as well.

  • Usingprobiotics, enzymes, immunomodulators and organic acids prevents the spread of bacteria and can all be used in place of antibiotics. A concept of next generation alternatives bacteriocins, antimicrobial peptides and Bacteriophagesare done an excellent job in the control of bacterial infections. Further research is also moving ahead in this field, alternative methods have been identified in effectively controlling bacterial infections in Poultry & livestock.

  • All of the alternative methods listed pose no known threat to human health and all can lead the elimination of antibiotics in factory farms. It is highly likely that a cost effective and health effective alternative.

  • Lorven’s GROWSTAR is an ultimate alternative for antibiotic growth promotors for the poultry and live stock production enhancement.

  • GROWSTAR synergetic blend of Non-antibiotic Growth promotors, included with probiotics, digestive enzymes, Immuno-stimulants, prebiotics, class of anti-viral herbal extracts and herbal anti-oxidants fortified with amino acids.

  • GROWSTAR is specially designed and formulated with high quality probiotics and prebiotics for the maintenance of useful gut micro flora which will boost up the digestion and maintains optimum pH levels which intern excels the performance of the bird.

  • GROWSTAR is added with Enzymes and amino acids, ensure increased nutrient availability to cope up with the increased performance of the digestive system of the bird result in consistent egg quality, better carcass yields and best quality meat.

  • GROWSTAR is formulated with Immuno stimulants which are in-house product of Lorven’sBiotechnological excellence for the maintenance of health and well being in most epidemic conditions of birds’ lifecycle.

  • GROWSTAR is also advanced with selective herbal extracts for improved protection against infectious diseases and anti-oxidants for the rapid recovery from stress and fatigue.

  • GROWSTAR is very affective feed additive designed exclusively for the poultry and livestock organic farming,NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION and it contains NO ANTIBIOTICS.

  • GROWSTAR is included 1Kg / 1Ton of Feed (250g of small pouch and 750g of big pouch) in normal conditions for optimum performance; Lorven’s Technical team will further assist in acute situations.